Maisie Barlow

⋅ Costumier ⋅

Struwellpeter puppet

An 1845 German children’s book by heinrich Hoffmann includes 10 illustrated rhymes about the disastrous consequences of misbehaviour. They are terrifying cautionary tales to try and keep children behaving well. The brief instructed us to create a puppet from one of the tales.

I designed this project as though it would be an immersive theatre production in a large derelict house. The puppet that I went on to create from the designs is the Tailor ( or scissorman) who cuts off children’s thumbs if they suck them. I made this puppet from a range of materials including a wooden frame and clay head. It is a half body puppet which attaches to the puppeteer’s waist and can be manipulated with rods

This project was quite a challenge as it was my first experience with puppetry but it really helped deepen my knowledge of puppet designing and logistical making.