Maisie Barlow

⋅ Costumier ⋅

Life is a dream redesign in 1610 Life is a dream CAD book

This project was a redesign of the play life is a dream that I first designed in a dreamy tudor England. For this university project the brief stated that we must only use the fabric given to us and the specific era given to us. We then had to redesign two characters within the play in the style of our era. I was given 1610 and the fabric was a heavy red polyester felt.

This project was cut short because of covid and we could not use any of the university facilities however in my free time in lockdown I decided to make my 1610 design of Rosaura’s dress. I created the undergarments of an accurate 1600s corset, bumroll and petticoat and then the gown and a second petticoat with a ruff to finish it off. It was a challenge to make with just a sewing machine and a beading needle but I am very pleased with the result and it kept me busy in lockdown!