Maisie Barlow

⋅ Costumier ⋅

Save our seas Save our seas CAD book

We were briefed to create a story and costume for the Edinburgh science festival surrounding climate change.

Our brief was to focus around the element of water and ‘save our seas’. A costume needed to be created to raise awareness to the challenges that the waterways face. This would then be exhibited and performed in a flash mob and exhibition in the science festival. The brief included that the costume we make be made only from recycled or secondhand materials.

I created a story and script and then designed interactive costumes that followed a young girl on a Scottish island learning from different seabirds about the difficulties and the dangers that they face due to pollution, overfishing, warming waters etc.

The costume I created was Gwindolin the spirit of gannets that rose awareness for overfishing and bycatch. It was all made from secondhand materials following the Scottish theme and including leftover tweed from Walker and Slater tailors of Edinburgh that kindly donated me the fabric and I wove into a jacket.

Unfortunately the exhibition could not go ahead due to Covid-19